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You might have wondered how big the Internet is?? We all use the internet on daily basis and the internet has now become one of the necessary aspects of our life.
In another few minutes, you will be shocked by seeing how big the internet is..!!

So let's start ...

First of all we all know Google and let me tell you that google process about 20 petabyte data per day and which is equal to 20,000,000 Gigabytes isn't that amazing and Google also has estimated that they have indexed 130 trillion webpages.


Now you all know how big google is and you might think Google is mighty but wait let me tell you how small google is :

Google only comprises of 0.004% of the internet, I have made no mistake google is only 0.004% of the whole thing. and they have also indexed only 4% of the webpages across the internet which is 130 trillion. And in this 0.004% Youtube, Gmail, Blogger and etc are also included which means the internet you daily use is nothing.

Now I hope you are getting how big the internet is. And could be little shocked by reading this post till now, let me shock you more.

So the majority of people doesn't know the internet is comprised of the Surface Web, Deep Web and the last the Dark Web.

before moving on see this stock images to make you clear about these webs:-


So I think now you little bit know about what is Surface deep and dar web is. I will describe all these some other day but for now, you should know a little bit about these webs:-

The surface web is the web which we all daily use Google, Youtube, Amazon, Wikipedia and all the 35trillion webpages indexed by google.

Example, my this site my this site is indexed by google so it comes in the surface web if you search you will find this site there.

The deep web is the web which you cannot find on google means you can open this website on web browsers. for example, my other site that is you can open my this site in chrome but you cannot find this on google search index if you type google will say site not found.

And at last, comes the dark web just one line to explain it you cannot use the dark web by the simple browser you have to use a different browser which is tor, and the majority of online criminal activities are performed on the dark web.. like human trafficking, drugs, weapons and etc.

Now you know google is nothing in front of the internet so lets back to some facts about the internet:-

It is impossible to acknowledge how big the internet is but by using references you can understand it.
There are 44 zettabytes of data is on the internet worldwide which is also approximations and 44 zettabyte is equal to 440,00,000,000,000 (4.4e+13) gigabytes.


Now can you imagine how big the internet is, think about it, the internet 500 times bigger than the whole google which is also estimations so think how much is 500 times of google.

Why I am always comparing with google is because we all use it and knows about google. So think all the videos on youtube is nothing in front of the whole internet.

I know this feels like the typo or a misprint and it is also tough to believe but all the info displayed is rechecked.

You can take the internet as a cosmos and the websites we visit, videos that we watched, social media we use daily is like a typical universe present in cosmos. But the additional is the internet is limited but the cosmos is not.

And while you are reading this post a lot of data is being created and processed which has no estimation, but in the last 3 to 4 years 90% of the data on the internet was created which is still increasing and in a big quantity ever as more people joins internet the more data will be created.

I think that enough to make a man shocked, I hope you now have an idea of how big internet is.

If you find any error in facts, then please inform me by using the comment section. 

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