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If you look around yourself, you will find that technology is now everywhere. From a microwave to a supersonic jet engine, we are surrounded by technology. If you have to talk to anyone today, then you can talk to them through your mobile phone in a few seconds no matter where they are and under what condition.

These all are benefits that we have got from technology but you might have thought about, technology we have created can kill us in future. I will give you facts and some important data in this post and after this post, you have to decide whether technology can kill humans or not.

1. Let's Start with some studies.

If you search through the internet then you will find that there are a lot of studies which have shown that phones and Smartphones make our brains lazy and dumb. Have a look at this story. 


According to this study, Humans are becoming more and more stupid because of there phones. You should read this study and then you will understand how our brain is controlled by our smartphone. Nowadays smartphones are making our life easier and also making our brain dumber.

Slowly slowly we are becoming more dependent on our phone and less using our brain which is a problem a massive one. Because human evolution, is like which trait or character or things which we didn't require is excluded through time, for example when humans started cooking food they didn't require bigger jaws anymore so by the time of evolution our jaws became smaller and less powerful and space left after was used by our brain because we need the brain most, and when jaws became less productive our evolution excluded jaws and raised our brain. 


You can see how evolution worked and our jaws were excluded. And this will happen to our brain too because we are using our phone more then our brain and our brain will become less productive through the time and will be excluded through the time of evolution and this is a massive issue while using technology.

And some studies are going on this topic. Don't worry about this at the last I will also tell you about the solutions which can be used or the experiments going on to stop this.

And this evolution will lead to less creative and less productive humans, which will make us useless because all the work will be done by machines which also leads us to the possibility that if technology got stuck then humans will be not able to do anything, if our brain will become less creative by the time of evolution.

And many studies have shown using technology more will make our brain less creative.


2. Technology is becoming more and more advance.

Now let's take a look at advancements in technology. And we all know how much technology is grown in just past few decades.
We all are living in the world of Artificial Intelligence which means a computer which can understand things and will be able to do what humans do. A.I. is everywhere from the photos you capture by using your phone's camera till the suggestion by youtube and ads showed by google which is also mostly managed by googles artificial intelligence.

A.I. can be many things, they can be your driver, comedian, chefs, social media influencers, CEO of company and etc. And who knows that in future A.I. can perform radiography, surgery which requires more than 10 years of experience and tons of knowledge and this is happening companies are training machines to perform surgeries.  


This looks like Si-FI movies but this happening and we all are approaching to this you can scroll the internet and find many machine learning programs to perform surgeries. And this is weird, machine performing brain surgeries, think your brain open in front of a machine and a single mistake can make you paralysed or dead. Don't worry this is not happening now.

Let me tell you how much power full can A.I. become on its own. Take a look at this video you would be shocked how A.I. can learn on its own.

Shocked !!.

Here both the A.I. teams learned how to breach and how to stop breaching, and at the end about >100 million times from the first run, the red A.I. did the things which no one has thought about. They used a tool in a very different way and manages to catch blue and this was mind-blowing and they both were not taught anything, they both learned on their own by reviewing their past data.

The main problem here is machines, now machines can learn and making machines learn creates lots of problem for humanity.

And the end of humans could be like a machine takeover as we watch in movies and web series, and it is also a possibility and by making laws like "don't hurt humans or humans are supreme and they can't be killed" this could stop machines for not killing humans but for just a little time. 


By the time pass, the machines will find some loopholes in their laws and we cannot program them to not to find that loophole or not do things which will hurt humans, just like the above red robots used the blocks for streaming and caught blue ones and no one guessed that and that's why we cannot program the red bots not to use that bock like they used because we didn't know that they were going to do that, we can't because we didn't know that what they can do.

Let me explain simply think of a Gun given to a bot with a command not to aim, fire on humans and made two bots to fight with each other, but by the time they will get to know how the gun works, and that humans are using them, then they can easily find a way to use the weapon against humans but without aiming and firing, bots can just alter the configuration of the weapons so that they can kill humans without aiming at them.

And we cannot program to stop them because we didn't know how they can alter the configuration of the weapons.

So we didn't how machines can take over so we can't program to not to do that.
Don't worry there is always a little chance that A.I. will leave humans alive but as Elon Musk says:-
"Even in a benign scenario, humans will be left behind".

And this would shock, Google is making computers which can program itself and companies are fighting to make a better A.I. by the time you are reading we are taking step close to ideal A.I.

And we all know how technology can be a threat to us. So now let's talk about solutions.

3. Solution.

There is no way that we leave technology because it is now one of our necessity.
So what we can do is, We can upgrade ourself or I mean we can upgrade our brain. We can use tech to upgrade and in other words, we can merge with tech to make us better. Or if you see the world with my eyes you can see that we have already started to merge with technology to upgrade humans.

Wait I am not talking about this:-  


Humans are growing and by seeing this chart you can see that we have also grown but the fact is the machine has also grown. 


You can see that we have also grown and we did it using technology, so the real fact is that we can't remove tech from our system but we can use tech make us more advance than we were.

For example, using a machine interface directly connects to our brain, look like a sci-fi movie's story, but wait, this is true now. A company called Neuralink by Elon Musk is using these techniques to solve brain-related problems.


Now we are going to talk about crazy things, These chips can interact with your brain and can make your brain communicate faster, till now this technique is used to treat paralysis patients but Elon Musk has made clear this will also use into making brains better


Think of it you can learn anything now in just seconds can preform various things which we didn't even think. This brain data transmission system will change everything and Now we will be not using A.I. we will become a.i. but wait we are still away from this goal and this is the only way humans can exist with technology while being king of species. And this only way to make us advanced and useful and I am not just talking about brain chips but about all the tech using which we can merge with tech.

In future, if we are able to do this then think your brain will be connected to a cloud full of information and data, and with unlimited benefits. Now this interface can diagnose your body can forecast disease and other things. These all are crazy and more advanced stuff then the time I am writing this post. 


But we have problems with these solutions too, with these benefits, all the other bad stuff will also appear, by using this we are giving weapons to all humanity and past decades has shown how humans can destroy themselves.

You also might think if there are so many complicated solutions and problems so why we are moving towards this problem the answer just simple humans just being humans, our minds push ourself to become more advance or just we are not satisfied with the things which we have. Which all leads us to the next problems we solve that then we lead to the next problem and the cycle goes on but by the time we are also decreasing our work and transferring our load to machines which is the actual problem. And we not focused on the better future we are just in the race or competition to achieve the future first.

Let's end this post with a conclusion so that you can also bind this up.


4. Conclusion.

Machines are becoming more and more advance and we also have to become more advance if we want to continue with tech, Making us more advance by using technology will make us more powerful. If we don't want to become useless than we have to upgrade ourself because technology is upgrading which is making us duller and stupid.

And at last, I cannot predict the future and no one else but future is not that humans being taken over by robots or robots will be just robots and beings assisted by us, but the future is between, We will be alive but might in the way or in the form which we didn't expect. Who knows??

This was all it's up to you what you think about technology as I wrote earlier you have to decide on your own is tech is killing us?? or not??. 

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