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If you are reading this on your phone, you might don't know that your phone is also the best surviving tool that you carry always with you. So here are some ways to employ your phone as a surviving tool.

Let's Assume your smartphone battery is dead and now your smartphone is useless.

1. To start Fire.

There are numerous ways to start a fire using your smartphone, And it is easy. To start a fire you will require three things:

a). phone battery b). Wire c). tinder(a substance to burn usually dry woods and tree scalp)


And if you have a non-removable battery then you have to invest a little more energy, to remove the battery you have to break your phone, because now smartphones come with IP ratings which makes them hard-to-open with nails or with somethings else. But don't worry, just take a piece of rock or something heavy and strong, and hit on the edge of the phone and break it, remember don't break it too much because you can damage other things which we can also use. what you have to do is to break a piece out from the edge of your phone and then you can simply separate the phone casing from the display casing. And you can take out your battery.

And if you have a phone with a removable battery then thanks God and move on to the next step. Now connect both ends of your battery by using a small wire the wire will heat up and just attach it with started tinder(dry wood hairs) and here you go tinder will easily catch fire. And make sure that the wire you use is naked or naked at the attaching point. And don't throw the wire after use you will need it for something else.

Fire will help you in many ways and I hope you all are well aware of that. And do remember if your battery is dead then you have only one chance to do this.

2. Reflecting SOS signals. 


Smartphones come with flashlights which you can use as a signal, Okay wait, we are assuming that your smartphone is dead.

Nowadays most smartphones are glass-based which implies your smartphone display can reflect lights.

You can reflect sunlight by using your smartphone glass but you have to make sure that your reflection is accurate, which means reflection should be visible to the helicopter, Aeroplane, ships and etc. and for this, you have to make a v shape like structure by using your index and middle finger, you have to pass or reflect the light between the middle finger and index finger and the v-shaped structure will act as an aiming mechanism and you can be more accurate.

You can also use Morse code to send a signal, Morse code for SOS is 3 dot-3 long-3 dot, dot for the fast blink, and long for a long blink.

3. For navigation. 


You can use your smartphone for navigation, which means you can create a compass isn't that interesting, do you remember I said you to save the little wire which you used to blow fire by using a battery that wire will be used now, or you can take a small piece of wire. Things which you will need are:

a). small wire b). Phones Speaker(magnet) c). dry leaf or paper.

You have to rub one end of the wire on a magnet(speaker) and then you have to put the piece of wire on a dry leaf or paper and then gently place the leaf/paper in the water(pond, river, or some kind of water jacked) and make sure there are no metal things near your compass, if you have done it well then the point of the wire which was rubbed will automatically adjust itself in the north-south direction.

But make sure that there are no metallic objects near, and if it is not working then the area could be magnetically disturbed which means you are near some kind of city or town. If it doesn't works then rub it again 20 to 30 times and in one direction and only at one end.

This is not a difficult task you will make it.

4. Weapon or a sharp tool.


Nowadays phones are made up of very powerful metals and alloys, and you can make a sharp tool from your phone. If your phone has a very big motherboard or logic board then you are blessed, take out your phone's logic board and then hold it vertically and apply force at the middle of the logic board and it will be cracked into two pieces, and you will see both pieces will be sharp enough to cut the bark of a tree and you can tie it to a wooden stick to use it as a fishing tool.

Don't worry if your motherboard short like most of the iPhones and Galaxy phones, to make it sharp apply force on the edge of the logic board and the edge will crack and will act as a knife.

Logics boards are not much powerful but they are very sharp. to make a powerful weapon you can utilize your smartphone casing if it is made of steel for aluminum.

Now you have the fire, food, and direction to move on. Or if someone has seen your reflection then do say thank God.

5. Fishing hooks.

If you are not fast enough to catch fish by using your motherboard knife, or you may have lost your whole energy, then you can simply make fishing hooks and deploy them into the water and they will catch fish for you.

To make a fishing hook you need your smartphone screen and some sharp things which you can create using your smartphone logic boards and etc.

Break your smartphone display into medium size pieces, not too large glass pice and not too small make it medium-sized. and then attach it with some other sharp objects, you can tie them using thread from your clothes, or you can use earphone, then deploy them into river pond and etc, And wait for some time, hooks will attract fish and if any fish try to eat that it then you can have fish in your dinner, lunch or breakfast.

You can separately deploy every piece of glass but for that, you have to make a stronger rope from your clothing to deploy it in water.

One fish will provide you energy to survive for two to three days. do make sure the hooks are very sharp.

6. For storage.

If you want to store some things then you can put them into your phone body, not well used but it also acts as a storage place for little things. now phones are becoming slim which also lowers space to store some things.

7. For First Aid.

Look this one is wired, You can use your earphone or charger cable as first aid. It can help you deal with deep cuts which lead to massive blood loss.


If you get cut like this and blood is not stopping and you have left with nothing, and nothing is working then you can try this method. Take your earphone and tightly bind it above(15cm approx) cut to stop blood flow. And make sure that is it not too much tight. This will stop blood flow within 2 min if you have done it right and if it doesn't stop within 2 to 3 min then the cut is too deep and you seriously need a doctor.

And make sure you untie your leg within the next 2 hrs because after 2 hrs your legs will starve to death and you couldn't use your leg, so this is a very very risks and serious procedure if you leave your leg tied for a long time then you will lose them. This requires some things which are called experience but if you have left with no other choice but rather die because of massive blood loss you should give it a chance. 


And this will stop arterial bleeding, not venous bleeding. Arterial bleeding is lighter in colour and venous bleeding is dark in colour.

And do make sure you remove the earphone within the next 2 to 3 hrs. And if your legs are losing their pigment then it is probably because you have tied your leg for a long time. Be careful by using this, and it should be your last option.


If your phone is not dead but has no signal the text 5 to 10 peoples and if your phone gets any signal it will automatically send all the messages, every second phone search for the ping.

And you can call emergency services, even if you have no sim or balance on your phone. You just need is signal and call on 911 if you are in America if you are in India then go to your emergency call button and call on 112 (100 will not work) and 112 is reserved for police and emergency services. 

Before going to some other places, install SOS apps on your phone and if need then you can press five times the power button and your location with your active status will be sent to your emergency contacts list. And by this, you can save time if your battery is about to die. 


Your smartphone is full of surviving tools what you have to do is, to utilize those tools at the right place and time. 

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