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You might don't know that the Mailing services which you regularly use are not so secure that it looks like, all the private emails sent or received which do have some critical info is not sent by Gmail, Yahoo mail and etc.

Best secure mail service is Proton Mail, So what makes proton mail so secure and reliable than other mail services. The first reason is its position, Proton mail servers are situated in Switzerland, In Switzerland, privacy and policy are taken seriously more than in the U.S. and whole Europe.

Individual privacy also matters there, Switzerland has made very strict laws suits to protect every one privacy. And it is also not part of U.S. and Europe Judisition which makes it the perfect place to secure data. So no government agencies(like FBI) and lawsuits can see your data. Which makes it a perfect place for hackers to make data private.
Google can read your emails and they also do this every time in the name making you secure which is also true but your emails are not private.

Gmail and other usual mailing company have been pushed to share their user's messages, emails and etc, by Governments which means government and third-party applications can read your emails and etc.
Gmail also allows third-party applications and services to see your data, which isn't great. And if you allowed service by mistake then you have revealed all of your critical emails to the third party services.
So, Here comes Proton Mail which provides you full security and privacy, no one reads your emails, Proton mail themself can't read your mails, they didn't provide your mails to third-party applications and services, it very hard to hack proton mail services.
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Here are some main features of Proton Mail:-

1. Proton mail provides End-to-End encryption like you get in Whatsapp Chats.
2. They also use Zero-Access encryption which makes your mails impossible to decrypt and because of zero-          access encryption Proton mail themself cannot see your email.
3. Doesn't require a phone number or email to signup.
4. There is no Log, or Logs are not saved.
5. Provides an option to automatically delete your emails within days or hours. Which makes is perfect places          for hackers.
6. Protected by Swiss lawsuits.

These all features make Proton Mail better and secure from other mail services. You can trust other Mail services but I will refer you to use Proton Mail when you are working on critical information and don't want anybody to read your mails.

These all features also make hackers believe and use Proton Mail services, everything which a hacker need while messaging is a person is present in proton mail services. And I also use Proton Mail when I have to send some sensitive info. I am not saying all the other mail are worst or not good, I am just saying that Proton mail is best in terms of privacy and security.

Here is mine proton mail address:-
[email protected]
You can mail me on this address, only if the topic is sensitive or Important.

So, Here is how to create an account and how to make it ultra-secure(at last) in proton mail:-

Step 1. Open
Here is how it looks- (click on the images if they are not clear.)


Step 2. Click on SingUp button (present at the top)


Step 3. Now fill-up the form and then click on the Create button. 


Step 4. Now enter an email to verify that you are human, this email will be not related to you after you are verified. This email will be not used to login this is just meant to verify you.


Step 5. Now you have to wait for some seconds it will create your account.


Step 6. Now enter a name to be shown.  


That's It.
Now here is how to send World most secured Mail:-

Additional security you will get is that your mail will be password protected and it can expire if you want it to be expired.

By making a mail password-protected means receiver should have the password to unlock the mail or he/she has to decrypt the mail to read it by using a password, and by making it limited means after some time mail will be unsent or will be deleted.

And this is why hackers trust this Proton mail, as I said it is can be the best security method you can use to mail someone.

The mail cannot be tracked and if you are dealing with something critical than it is better to go with proton mail services.

Here are the steps to send Most Secured Mail.

Step 1. Login to Proton mail and open your dashboard. And click on the Compose to type a message. 


Step 2. Now enter the receiver's mail address, and type your message and now to make it password protected click on the Encryption button which is at the bottom of the form.


Step 3.  After this, a pop up will appear and then you have to set a password and without password, no one can open the mail. And it also asks for a hint and it is optional if you want to write it you can or you can leave it blank.


Step 4. Now click on the timer button and adjust the time according to your wish, I am setting it to 1 hr which means that after 1 hour mail will disappear automatically.


Step 5. Now send the mail and it will reach to the receiver within 5 Sec. receiver will receive an encrypted email and after trying password he/she can open the mail.
Mail will look like this:- 


Don't worry receiver does not require to create a new account, they just have to enter the password and it will show the message and after 1 hr it will disappear (because I set it 1 hr)

That's it. Now you have sent world most secured mail. Many peoples wonder why hackers use it because hackers didn't want their mails to be read by someone else other than the victim and they can do this being anonymous and nobody can track them, and it is also hard to hack Proton Mail and we all know that Gmail accounts are not that secure anyone can hack Gmail by simple Phishing attacks and etc.

I just want to say that Proton mail is secure than Gmail although Gmail is very good and secure mail service, Proton mail holds the name of most secure mailing service.

Proton mail also provides VPN you can check to their website.

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