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How to send most secured mail?

The Mailing services which you regularly use are not so secure that it looks like, all the private emails sent or received which do have some critical info is not sent by Gmail, Yahoo mail and et

Smartphone as a Surviving tool.

So here are some ways to employ your phone as a surviving tool.
1. To start Fire.
There are numerous ways to start a fire using your smartphone, And it is easy. To start a fire you will


Is technology killing us??

There are many benefits that we have got from technology but you might have thought about, technology we have created can kill us in future. I will give you facts and some important... 

How big is Internet??

First of all we all know Google and let me tell you that google process about 20 petabyte data per day and which is equal to 20,000,000 Gigabytes isn't that amazing and Google also has estimated that they have indexed 130 trillion webpages.

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