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code likenull is a website created by Atul Kumar Singh to put forward his ideas and skills in the field of Web developing, Python programing, Artificial Intelligence and on General tech-related things. Here you can learn Web developing using CSS, Artificial Intelligence, and lots more about tech.



Atul Kumar Singh

Hi, I am Atul Kumar Singh and I am from INDIA, this website is my 13th website across the internet I also own some non-commercial websites and I started this website to make people learn web development and to share some amazing ideas. I know my posts are not ideal but it has enough stuff for beginners who want to learn and create the cool websites. I also write posts about usual tech-related topics. 

Here are my other sites if you want to check out.


And this website too.

And I have also created non-commercial Applications like:-

Web Ex 1.0
Cool Down Bro.

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